Jon Kidd

Azure Specialist.

I have an extensive IT background gained from 20 years of contracting and am now well versed in Agile and DevOps working principles. I have a passion for scripting and coding and have taken on a number of projects in my spare time encompassing technologies such as Python, R, Java etc.
I come from a Wintel background but have now gained a good working knowledge of command line Linux (Ubuntu).
Wherever I have worked, I have built effective relationships with end-users, colleagues and business stakeholders.

Key Skills
  • Security Cleared
  • MS Certified Azure Associate
  • Strong Windows PowerShell scripting
  • Azure Automation and Administration
  • Azure Monitoring
  • Azure DevOps Pipeline with ARM deployment experience
  • Jenkins & Ansible with PowerShell integration

Current Role / Status
August 19 to Present
  • Automation and Monitoring Specialist
  • Deployed IaaS & PaaS environments through Azure DevOps pipelines
  • Custom ARM Templates crafted for various Azure Resources
  • Onboarded Azure Resources to Azure Monitor, Log Analytics & Application Insights
  • PowerShell Runbooks created to carry out automation of ticketing based on alerts 
  • Utilized Git for code control and release
  • Tasks actioned via Jira

Project / Assignment Portfolio
Scottish Southern Energy (4 years 6 months)
  • Platform Engineer
  • Creation of Azure ARM templates. Working with architects I coded modularised templates that could be scaled up or down based on the logic built into the templates. Each template was fully parameterised enabling a very granular customisation at runtime
  • Creation of Azure DevOps Pipelines to deploy the ARM templates
  • DSC utilized for automated customisation of deployed VMs 
  • General Microsoft Azure administration including Access Management and Authorization of Azure Resources, storage account creation and access, troubleshooting deployment issues, monitoring system performance etc. 
  • Automation Runbooks written for various tasks
  • PowerShell Scripting and automation. Scripted various on premises and Azure tasks such as Resource Group maintenance, resource cost monitoring, user account creation and maintenance, environment reporting etc.
  • Application packaging. App-V packaging and deployment through SCCM. Various PowerShell scripts created to automate installations, logging and monitoring

National Air Traffic Services (18 months)
  • Windows PowerShell Automation and Deployment Specialist
  • Created automated PowerShell installs (including customizable JSON configurations) of full Active Directory and Citrix infrastructure
  • Created custom Ansible YAML playbooks to run remote PowerShell scripts
  • Leveraged Jenkins to run parameterized Ansible playbooks, return codes were fed back to Jenkins and the job updated accordingly
  • Utilized Git for code control and release
  • Coded a script that automated the onboarding of assets and users. Users were granted timed access via AD groups and Citrix applications were created automatically giving access to onboarded resources. Scheduled tasks ran scripts that checked for timed access expiry and scripts also ran on Citrix Delivery Controllers that checked for timed access expiry, users were given warnings if their sessions were due to expire

Capita (6 months)
  • Active Directory Engineer
  • App-V 4.6 and MSI Application packager for Windows 7 migration
  • Packages and sequences imported into SCCM 2012 for testing
  • All packages created first using MSI technology, the MSI was then sequenced using App-V 4.6
  • General SCCM duties and administration